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Plan your dream


Matarò - Barcelona
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Rooms & Outdoors

Plenty of space for you and your guests.

Acres of Land

Dining and Party Rooms

Undergound Crypt


What do you have in mind?

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Relive your memories creating new ones with the people you love. The Castle provides the perfect atmosphere for a joyful event.

Company Gatherings

A Castle Event would not be a regular one for you and your team. They will probably talk about it for the years to come.

Weddings and Ceremonies

An experience that will make your guests feel like in a fairy tale. The Castle is perfect for any type of event.

Food & Drink

Catering Service

Fully Customisable

We collaborate with many local businesses to provide you the best solution for your event. Let us know and it will be our pleasure to make sure your taste-buds get what they desire.

Private Chef

We have our Chef and personal staff available for your events.
Excellent food is a must for an excellent event.

Cocktail Bar

We can organize with you a professional bar service which will provide an outstanding experience for you and your guests.

The memories and emotions that guests experience here are my satisfaction.
I will be happy to organize with you the event you’re dreaming.


Your Host


Our Amenities

Shuttle Service

We can organize a shuttle service for you and your guests.

Free Parking

There is plenty of space outside and on the back of the Castle.

Outside Spaces

17 acres of land with expectacular classical style statues and gardens.

3 Large Rooms

The main area of the Castle include 3 large rooms for party and dining.

Underground Crypt

Get out of time and space inside our medieval style crypt.


Enjoy the astonishing view from the top of our romantic tower. 

Easy Access

Our facilities are equipped to host people with disabilities.


We can provide security services for your events.

Wardrobe Service

We can organize a wardrobe service that will take care of your guests’ belongings.


Contact us

First step: let us know what you have in mind. 

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